The European Journalism Centre has just launched its Data Journalism Handbook contest, giving entrants the chance to win a ticket to the International Journalism Festival (IJF) in Perugia from 11-14 April.

The contest wants to feature eye-catching, insightful and inspirational data visualizations produced by (data) journalists around Europe.

To enter, send us an innovative data visualization that you have created during your career. It can be a chart, video, infographic or even VR/AR presentation. We're looking for the best use of data to tell a complex story. In other words, does your visualization use data in an interesting, accurate and well-designed way to help people understand a complex topic?

The winning entrant will be given the opportunity to come to Perugia and attend our session Conversations with Data, as well as all other festival activities taking place from 11-14 April, 2018. We will cover your travel (within Europe only) and 3 nights stay in Perugia.

Enter Contest

Upload your files below. You will be asked to give your email address - which we will solely use to inform you about the contest.

By entering the contest, you agree to the below Contest rules and Terms of Service

Contest rules

By participating in the Data Journalism Handbook contest, participants agree to abide by the following rules and accept these terms of service:

Entry criteria

  • We only accept submissions by participants based in Europe;
  • All visualizations that are submitted to the competition must be owned by the participants;
  • We only accept visualizations showcasing the ‘best use of data to tell complex stories’;
  • All visualizations that are unrelated to the contest’s theme or that are offensive to the viewing audience will not be considered;
  • All rights to the visualizations in this competition are reserved by the individual participant.

Judging criteria - What do our judges understand by ‘best use of data to tell complex stories’?

  • Submissions will be judged by an international jury, comprised of a panel of data journalism experts, who will make the final decision about who the winner will be;
  • The jury will consider the following elements when selecting the final winner:
    • Is it useful? Does it work well? Good information flow? Does it deepen understanding of a complex topic? Good information flow?
    • Is it interesting? Is the idea thought-provoking? Topical? Funny? Good story well told?
    • Is it accurate? Consistent data? Reliable research? Clever methodology?
    • Is it well designed? Does design serve subject matter? Is it elegant? Clear? Distinctive?

Terms of service

  • The organisers reserve the right to use the visualizations in this competition for non-profit promotional purposes with attribution credits given to the entrant;
  • Anonymity in this contest is not an option. Upon entering the contest and uploading your visualisations, you give us the right to mention your name when referring to your work. These rules are set in place to ensure the protection of your authorship;
  • The organisers do not cover travel insurance and other extra expenditures incurred from participating in the prize trip;
  • The organisers reserve the right to end the contest, make amendments to the terms and conditions listed here or change the prize at any time without notice;
  • The organisers reserve the right to exclude any person from the competition should they breach the terms of service or not meet the contest requirements.

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