Eva Constantaras


Eva Constantaras is an investigative data journalist specialized in establishing data units in mainstream media in developing countries to serve their local communities.

Eva Constantaras

Author Biography

Eva is a data journalist nomad who plants the seed of data journalism in newsrooms across the developing world. She dedicates most of her time to coaxing her data journalism seedlings into bloom despite torrents of messy data, a squall of government criticism and dearth of sustainable media. She works with local journalists to harness data to provide information to make citizens’ lives better. And as it turns out, what makes people’s lives better in developing countries is not so different from the policies that protect the health of well being of people in thriving democracies. From Afghanistan to Guatemala, from Kenya to Myanmar, the same priorities come up again and again: equality, health, jobs, education.

Working for years at a time in a country, she has established data journalism teams in media houses in Kenya, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Central America with new teams forming soon in Myanmar and Jordan. They report on topics ranging from organized crime and human rights to reproductive health and food security for the general public. The Daniel Pearl Award Committee, the Global Investigative Journalism Network, Investigative Reporters and Editors and the Data Journalism Awards have recognized her projects for their contribution to transparency in countries plagued by government corruption and public impotence. Her teams’ reporting has appeared in local media in dozens of countries, where it has the greatest chance of fomenting awareness and accountability.

As a an alumna of the Poynter Leadership Academy for Women in Digital Media, a Google Data Journalism Scholar and a Fulbright Fellow in Colombia and at UNESCO, she has continuously evolved her approach to investigative and data journalism in high risk environments with limited data access. Lately, her focus has been on sustainability led by cross-border collaborations driven by journalists from developing countries. Through organizations such as BBC World Service, Deutsche Welle and the Pulitzer Center For Crisis reporting, she seeks to bring local data stories into global media to raise public awareness of the common challenges facing us all.

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